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Who we are

Fluent in American service and Israeli chutzpah, the Bureaucracy B*tch is here to relieve the stress out of that to-do list.



Love the country you live in! Avoid the hassle of Israeli offices. We handle anything from governmental ministries, to wifi, to your rowdy neighbor (just kidding).

Whether you want to be included in the process or leave it all to us, we're here to be your personal assistant for any tasks that may arise. Services include a smile, staying on hold for endless hours, answers to your questions, and so much more.

Founder's story

Just like you, I didn't grow up in this country. I immigrated to Israel at the age of 18 and since then, I've been studying the ways to ease the day-to-day processes of living here. While for years I've been assisting my friends and family in this realm, I've decided to bring my expertise to you.

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