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Israeli Bureaucracy

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From overpaying your Wi-Fi bill, securing your rights from the toughest ministries, or arranging medical apointments we're your personal assistant in Israel whenever you need us.

We ensure a smooth, stress-free experience for all your challenges, big or small. Let us simplify your Israeli bureaucratic woes with the exceptional service you deserve.

What We Offer
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Appointment scheduling

Whether it's arranging medical care or advocating for your rights in government offices we'll work with your schedule to find the most convenient appointment for you. We'll also help you prepare the proper documentation for your appointment so that you're in and out as soon as possible.

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Are you still being charged for accounts and services that you swear you canceled months ago?

Let us take care of that.
We'll fight to stop those charges and get your money back.

Phone calls

No resident should be on hold for so long that the waiting jingle gets stuck in your head. Let us wait on hold - we already know all the tunes. You focus on the more important things in life and we'll get you the answers you need.


Personal Rights

Forms are long and confusing but you know that there are rights you deserve. Whether you're recently unemployed or live with a disability, it's time you receive those governmental benefits and we're here to ease that process.

We'll guide and consult with you step-by-step to get you all benefits that you deserve.

And more

Whether you're a single parent or a large business, our passion is to help you! Bring us any task and we will find the best solution together.

How it 

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Get in touch.

Reach out! We want to know what's on your plate.

BureaucracyB Flower
Document and data collection.

We'll figure out what we need to get you where you need.

BureaucracyB Flower
We'll keep you updated.

We get started on your tasks and update you as often as you'd like throughout the process.

BureaucracyB Flower
And we're done!

Once your tasks are completed, you'll receive confirmation from the necessary offices.

How this works

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